Proven Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Anxiety, Release Stress, and Improve Sleep

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Join the millions who use our guided meditations, sleep tales, hypnosis, breath exercises, and calming music to feel more at ease, less anxious, and get a good night's sleep.

Recommended by top psychologists, therapists, and mental health experts, It is the perfect meditation app for beginners, and also includes hundreds of meditation sessions for intermediate and advanced users.

It is the ideal meditation software for beginners and also offers hundreds of meditation sessions for intermediate and experienced users, as recommended by renowned psychologists, therapists, and mental health specialists.

What can I expect from the App?

-Top mindfulness instructors provide fresh guided meditation sessions every day.

-30+ meditation categories for every mood and need.

-For restful and deep sleep, try using sleep hypnosis sessions, sleep tales, yoga nidra, and sleep noises.

-Specialty music for concentration and focus

-To assist you on your path, you have access to a personal mindfulness coach.


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What's new

Upgraded Paywall, Sleep, and Meditation Sessions displays are what's new.

That is this release's update.
Years ahead, light, and easy...

Leave the labor-intensive task to our coaches. "Your today's tailored plan" is created.
from nighttime sleep sessions to morning meditations.

with your ❤️s + most recent sessions one click away.

P.S. We want to see you succeed every day. 🤗


Ivan Budimir

2022-09-07 12:39:36

Hello, Yogi. Before you cancelled my yearly membership and informed me that you were restructuring your service, which was, in other words, a pricing adjustment, I was delighted and satisfied with your service. You tripled it from 30 euros per year to 90 euros per year. really nice Even though you did promise and provide me six months of "free" premium subscription... I've discovered an other, more reasonable alternative and won't be using your service again.


2020-04-10 06:31:02

I adore this app to the hilt. Every level and type of person may benefit from the range of meditations. Depending on how I'm feeling that day, I'll do a different one, but I usually keep to at least one of those that come in a group of days. These help me to focus well on my breathing and keep me steady and composed the remainder of the day. The piano is my favourite instrument in the relaxing music. Amazing app. I would strongly advise it, especially for newcomers or those who wish to resume meditating.

Rachita Rao

2021-06-04 07:29:04

Amazing and calming I adore this app to the moon and back. I once had trouble falling asleep, so I put on some of the meditation music, and within about ten minutes, I was sleeping. I was in awe. Since then, I've been sleeping better. I also listen to one of the daily sessions or the meditation trial the next day anytime I am feeling upset or nervous about someone or something. It immediately feels as though you have been transported into a lovely, tranquil realm where these voices are talking "

Lydia Wilson

2022-08-25 14:10:34

had problems. They were swiftly resolved! Thank you


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